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Through Answers and Understanding
We Find Healing


Let’s move forward without problems and worries; working together to experience a fulfilling life


Knowledge is light and power; fear lives in darkness. Working together to find answers and gain knowledge helps alleviate fear so that we may stand tall in our power where we belong

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique approach to hypnosis, which helps the client reach a deeper state of trance than traditional hypnosis. Within this deeper state, called the somnambulistic state, the client has access to answers unknown to their conscious mind.


What you'll gain through QHHT

  • A new understanding of circumstances, of yourself and of the world around you 

  • Guidance from your Higher Self

  • A safe space to explore the unknown

About QHHT

The theta brainwave state is the deep, relaxing, magical state we find ourselves in before we fall asleep, just as we are waking up and during deep meditation

Since Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) works within the theta brainwave state, her technique brings forward heightened receptivity and dreamlike imagery with very little effort on the client’s part, but just to trust and say the first thing that comes to mind during the session.

Quantum Healing Regression Hypnosis Session

Within a relaxed, safe, comfortable environment, we will discuss your reasons for your interest in having a session; what led you to book an appointment. Some clients come to have questions answered regarding anything from relationships in this lifetime or even past lifetimes, health questions, career questions, questions regarding spirituality – any question can be addressed. Some clients come just because they are curious. Each session is as unique and personal as we are all such unique individuals. The next step is the actual hypnosis session where, within the somnambulistic trance state, together we are able to access the answers unavailable to our conscious minds.

What to expect from your session

Each session I participate in is as unique as we are. No two sessions are alike apart from each session providing every client with exactly what is needed. No matter what the reason a person decides to take part in a QHHT session, they will be guided to and shown the most appropriate time and place to look at and examine. The Subconscious will provide the answers, I am only the guide to assist you along the way on your journey to healing.

Your QHHT session will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards. Having been the QHHT client as well as the Practitioner, I recognize the importance of the recorded session. Even two months after my own QHHT session, listening to my recording was still so impactful and moving.


Kind words from my clients

“Thank you so much for today! I can’t even believe this myself, but the pain in my leg is entirely completely gone!!!!! What?! That’s insane!!! Love it!!! Thank you for your sweet, beautiful energy today and all your time and love! You’re the best!!"

About your guides, both past and future

My name is Valorie and I’m excited to share my passion for QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). Not long ago I was guided to Dolores Cannon. Through her books, I became familiar with Dolores as a person and her passion and purpose in life to recover lost knowledge and to help many thousands of people all over the world. Dolores’ books recount session after session she conducted of past lives explored, future lives, lives on other planets in other dimensions – I was captivated. I soon realized it was a path I wanted to walk; I wanted to help people discover and learn and explore like Dolores did. It didn’t take long before I was on my way to becoming a practitioner and following in Dolores’ footsteps. 

Although Dolores has departed from this realm, she continues to provide guidance for her QHHT Practitioners and their clients. Dolores created and perfected her hypnosis technique over decades and thousands of sessions. She chose each word carefully and provided guidelines which makes her technique like no other and provides results like no other. I am grateful to have been guided to this work and am so excited to share it with you!

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